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WALTER ROMEO (1975, Reggio Calabria, Italy) 
My name is Walter Romeo, I am an Italian self- shooting director, video editor, photographer and teacher based in Rome.
Since 2002 I have been working as director, cameraman and editor media productions and broadcasters (such as RAI, Endemol, Fremantle, TV5MONDE, TV2000, Travel Channel UK, etc), shooting in 40 countries, worldwide (including Papua New Guinea, Japan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Mali, Senegal, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Algeria, Guatemala, Salvador, Peru, USA, Iceland, Turkey, Romania, Albania, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark).

I worked as self-shooting director and editor for current affairs, infotainment, travel and lifestyle TV shows (on RAI1: La prova del cuoco, Fuori Luogo, Petrolio, Top: tutto quanto fa tendenza, DopoFestival Sanremo, Prix Italia, Festival Castrocaro, Techetechetè, Generation What. On RAI2: Premio Bellisario, Donne. On RAI3: Politics, Passepartout. On Travel Channel UK: The Wreck Trek. On TV2000: RomanzoFamiliare).

Moreover I have filmed corporate videos (for ETT s.p.a., for European Commission - DG research&innovation on renewable energy plants around Europe, for Institut National du Patrimoine France and restoration works in in France and Albania, for Suez Canal Museum in Paris, for European Union Electoral Observation Mission in Mozambique and Malawi, for Italy-China Green Week in Beijing, for Panathinaikos Football Club 100th anniversary documentary film, etc) and art feature documentaries (La grazia della parola; Libero Cinema in Libera Terra; La canzone di Vaccarizzo, ect). In the past I mainly focused on anthropological, social and cultural issues and I have directed award-winning documentaries about religion, politics and cultural issues.

I have collaborated with United Nations, European Commission, UNDP, Italian Cooperation, Italian Ministry of Environment, Unicef and many NGOs and foundations around the world (Libera - main Italian anti-mafias network -, Cinemovel Foundation, CARE, Humana People to People, CIAI - Italian NGO, Comunità di Capodarco, Fundacion Vicente Ferrer, etc). As a photographer I focus on portraits, travel and street photography.

I also have experience in teaching documentary filmmaking, in Italy (addressed to British Council staff, journalists, high school students), Morocco (project funded by Italian Cooperation and addressed to university students) and Tunisia (project funded by Anna Lindh Foundation and Cinemovel Foundation, related to women empowerment campaigns in rural areas).

I graduated with honours in performing arts (Master's Degree - Università della Calabria) and in Television direction (NUCT, Rome).

I am fluent in English and French (I've lived and worked in Paris and Bruxelles for a long time), competent in Spanish, and speak some Portuguese.

My interests include development issues, travel culture, photography, contemporary art and modern history. I am well travelled and used to harsh environments, with experience in filming in conflict zones. I am good in troubleshooting and dealing with people from different backgrounds.